65% of Drug Launches Fail and It All Starts with One Conference Lecture

On average, it takes 12 years and $1.3 billion for a pharma company to develop a new drug. Yes, you read that right—12 years, $1.3 billion.

All that time and money, yet the KOL/principal investigator of the Phase III trials has only 20 minutes of glory to present the study results at a major medical conference. And then pharma companies truly only have six months to launch successfully.

Think about that for a moment...why is the margin for success so thin? And with an investment so large and stakes so high, how can you make the most of your 20 minutes + six months?

Laser-Focused on Your 20 Minutes + Six Months

Our mission specifically focuses on extending the reach and impact of this critical 20 minutes. Very simply, EvermedTV ensures your Phase III results presentation is seen by thousands of HCPs worldwide—while within days giving you viewer insights to understand HCP perceptions, preferences and intention to prescribe.

You spend 12 years and $1.3 billion. Let us help you make the most of it.