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Are Pharma’s Branded Patient Websites Optimized For Results? Results of Evermed’s Analysis of the Top 50 Pharma Brands

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In our previous article, we showed the performance of the top 50 branded patient websites in terms of average engagement time as well as the impact of video content on the total engagement time. 

Our conclusion was that adding video content to branded patient websites increases engagement by 160%.

With that said, we decided to go a step further and understand whether brand patient websites are designed for results. By results we mean three things: engagement, conversion (new Rx, high-value actions), and personalization

Missed Opportunity #1: Engagement (Using Video Content)

As we learned from the analysis, the average engagement time on pharma patient websites without videos is 39 seconds. Simply adding videos to your website can increase engagement time by 160%.

Knowing that we would expect all pharma websites to have videos. 

However, only 37 out of 50 websites have videos. 

26% of the website could easily improve their engagement time by adding videos.
Pharma branded website video content analysis

Missed Opportunity #2: Conversion to High-Value Actions

Why conversion? 

By conversion, we mean clear CTAs (call-to-actions) that are placed in a way that is logical, helpful, and unobtrusive. 

When done correctly, these CTAs drive valuable actions such as finding a doctor, obtaining a copay card, or requesting educational material. All of these actions are valuable for patients and lead to new prescriptions and product adoption. A true win-win for both patients and pharma.

Lack of conversion features on the other side can result in lost opportunities for new prescriptions. 

Our hypothesis was that the majority of websites would have Clear Conversion Elements.

However, only 37.8% have Clear Conversion Elements.

This means 62.2% can improve their conversion rate by adding clear CTAs to all pages with content.

Pharma branded website conversion elements (CTA) analysis

Missed Opportunity #3: Personalization

Why personalization? 

Netflix and Amazon Prime and Spotify have trained us all to expect personalization….and same applies to your patients.

Surprisingly, our research has shown that none of the analyzed websites had personalization!

This looks like there is a great opportunity to outrank competitors in an exceptional user experience and personalization.

Pharma branded website personalized video content analysis


Among top 50 brands, there are 33 that can improve brand website experience so that it drives more engagement, conversion, and personalization (and ultimately more prescriptions).

Firstly, adding videos to their websites can increase engagement time.

Secondly, optimizing every page with content for conversion so that every page leads patients to the Next High-Value Action (NHVA).

And finally, starting to think like Netflix can lead to an exceptional user experience.

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*Our analysis is based on 50 brand.com websites for patients of the brands that are expected to have the highest revenues in 2028, based on consensus forecasts. For each website, we randomly selected ten video-enriched pages. We reviewed and analyzed these pages manually to check if they contained CTA elements and video personalization.

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