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Conversion Hubs: How to Use Video Content to Drive HCP Behavior Change

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What if you could drive HCP behavior change BEFORE your rep even steps in the office?

That's a billion dollar question for commercial and omnichannel teams.

In this expert article we will present a solution to this - Conversion Hubs.

Conversion Hubs apply US-based commercial pharma teams and their AORs / media agencies. They are the key to turnings ads into prescriptions.

Let's dive in.

So What are "Conversion Hubs?”

Conversion Hubs are video-based content hubs that are embedded on (otherwise static) brandhcp com website and are:

  • Designed for content-bingeing
  • Personalized, Netflix like (new video is recommended any time HCP visits the hub)
  • Designed for conversion to high-value action, driving change in HCPs' behavior towards New Rx
  • Generate 1st party data on prescribing intent, that  enriches individual 360 HCP profiles and acts as a daily feed to the CRM and CDP

If you want to learn how to have your own Netflix-like content hub for HCPs, click here.

What Do You Mean by “Conversion?”

For pharma companies, ultimate measurement of conversion is product adoption, or lift in NRx (“New Starts”). Outside of that, other KPIs are:

  • Expanded Access to HCPs (especially high potential No-See and Low-See HCPs)
  • Request for a Rep or MSL visit (inbound lead)
  • "High Value Actions" (HVAs) => certain HCP actions on the brandhcp.com website are more valuable than others, such as visiting the Dosing Page, Patient Support page, FAQ page, Speaker Program Page, as well as requesting a sample or asking a question

Other metrics include # of visits, video viewing time, time spent on the website, NPS score.

What are the Use-Cases for Conversion Hubs?

#1 NEAR LoE situation (especially if a number of reps is diminishing)

#2 LAUNCH of a new product (to amplify what sales reps do)

#3 WHITESPACE situation (launch of a new product without enough reps to cover all target HCPs)

#4 NEED FOR REFERRALS: Product that requires massive amount of referrals (e.g Retina specialty product that requires referrals from Ophthalmologists, Lipid lowering product that requires referrals form PCPs)

Why Embed Conversion Hubs into brandhcp.com?

Because brandhcp.com should both engage HCPs AND drive prescriptions 24/7. 

Current State - brandhcp.com websites are:

❌ Static (mostly images + text, content doesn't adjust to the visitor)

❌ Non-personalized 

Designed to provide information, NOT drive Rx

Future state - brandhcp.com websites WITH embedded Conversion Hubs are:


✅ Personalized (if you watched one video, next time another video is shown), and are

Designed to drive HCP behavior change and convert to New Rx

By embedding brandhcp.com pharma executives are not changing the existing workflows and web assets, they are enriching them to match the needs of modern clinicians.

Why Should Pharma Companies Use Conversion Hubs?

Four reasons:

  • TRENDS: 70% HCPs are digital natives, they want content-firstsales rep interaction second. Their journey of discovering and adopting new treatments has massively changed 
  • REPS and OMNI-CHANNEL ORCHESTRATION: Rep-HCP interactions are more impactful when they are informed by data on HCPs’ content consumption 
  • NEW Rx: They reveal prescribing intent. HCPs who spend time consuming pharma’s content and getting educated on pharma’s products are more likely to become a prescribers
  • UX: Conversion hubs deliver the same kind of user experience HCPs are used to in their consumer lives with platforms like Netflix & Spotify

Conversion hubs are rooted in education-based marketing, powered by ads, personalized through technology. 

They enable guided experience for HCPs. It’s like having your very best salesperson guide each HCP to learn more and potentially start to adopt the product.

What Should the Content Be About?

Video content for Conversion Hubs are product-related. 

Key to success is to have the video topics be the ones that are important BOTH for the brand messaging AND for the HCPs

It requires 5 videos to start with, with the following topics:

  • #1 Efficacy
  • #2 Safety
  • #3 Dosing and Administration
  • #4 Mode of Action
  • #5 Patient Case

Tip: Record five to ten  1-min FAQ videos covering FAQ that HCPs have about the product

If you want to learn how to have your own Netflix-like content hub for HCPs, click here.

How Much Content is Needed? What Should the Topics be About?

5 videos to start with, with 3 new videos needed every quarter.

Who Would Benefit from Conversion Hubs?

HCPs, pharma commercial teams and their media agencies. 

How Would HCPs Learn About Conversion Hubs?

Mostly through paid media. Conversion hubs are a new, primarily paid ads-driven channel that lets pharma clients generate valuable 1 st party data on HCP content consumption and enriches next-best engines.

In most cases pharma’s media agencies drive performance of such channels on behalf of pharma teams.

Do HCPs Need to Register to Watch the Videos?

With individual NPI level-based targeting, there is no need to register.

Hubs will be able to adjust to each individual HCP.

For example, when an HCP watches a video on a product’s efficacy, the next video presented to that HCP will be on product safety

Bypassing the need for registration will drive the cost down and viewership time up.

Why Use Video?

We live in a visual age. 70% of HCPs are digital natives, and 1 in 2 HCPs say the videos they watch influence their clinical decision-making (example below on how a brandhcp website can be transformed with the use of videos). 

Videos are known to drive higher engagement time, lower bounce rates, to raise SEO/Google ranking, and accelerate trust building. 

Videos also provide detailed analytics and prescribing intent. Intent can be qualified based on:

  • Topic-based: What specific videos were watched by an HCP?
  • Volume-based: How many videos have been watched by an HCP?
  • %-based: What is the % of each video that an HCP has watched?

Do HCPs Trust brandhcp.com Websites?

Not as much as they trust medical societies, but they do trust pharma's information to an extent.

Brandhcp.com are not designed to the most trusted source of information, but they are designed to be useful and convenient for an HCP.

Why Not Use Youtube?

Rather than sending your viewers to YouTube.com to be distracted by ads and competitor content, the traffic you are already paying for can be directed to your website, where you control the experience AND collect the data.

In addition, by hosting videos on your own hub, you can gather individual level analytics and personalize retargeting and next-best-action campaigns.

Are there any other benefits?

Yes, the SEO benefit.

Conversion hubs optimize the videos for search engines, which means pharma’s videos and website pages can rank better, attract more HCPs, and increases site traffic, without any extra work. 

This is done by injecting Schema.org mark-up (via JSON-LD) onto the page, so Google can read the videos and include them in the index.

Can Video Content Delivery Really Be Personalized for Each HCP? How?

Yes, conversion hub can adjust to an individual HCP so that the next video content that's shown to them is the one that's most relevant to them.

This is similar to how Netflix's homepage adjusts to our preferences.

For paid media drivers, personalization is easy to do in the US, as HCP targeting can be done on an individual NPI level.

For organic drivers (e.g SEO), personalization is achieved through what is called a two-way connection between Evermed's video content engine on one side, and pharma's CRM and CDP systems on another side. Most pharma teams have both CRM and CDP systems in place.

If you want to learn how to have your own Netflix-like content hub for HCPs, click here.

Why Should Pharma Companies Not Do This On Their Own?

Why should software companies not make drugs:)?

Evermed has an out of the box solution with ability to personalize the content delivery, drive conversions,  integrate HCPs’ content consumption data into CRM and CDP, easily update ISI info, stay secure, up-to-date and compliant.

Next Steps For You

If you want to learn how to have your own Netflix-like content hub for HCPs, click the button below to find out how.

If you found this article helpful, do others a favor and share it on your social media. It only takes a click of a button!

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