Evermed Announces 3-Part Conference Virtualization Plan

March 10, 2020

Growing concerns about corona virus outbreak is leading to cancellations of large medical conferences like American College of Cardiology ACC.20/WCC conference.

We anticipate two scenarios:

Scenario #1: Conferences being canceled in their entirety. Applies to conferences planned for March and April.

Scenario #2: Conference held, with participation reduced by 20-50%.  Applies to conferences planned for May and June.

Both scenarios will lead to significant revenue gaps for medical societies, as well as reduced opportunities for industry sponsors to engage HCPs with their latest clinical trials and innovations. 

This is why we are announcing the new 3-Part Conference Virtualization Plan, that will enable medical societies to turn their annual conferences into global, digitally-powered, multi-day events and run either as virtual-only, or physical-virtual.

These digital events powered by Evermed's technology will connect attendees to the same scientific content they would have experienced in person through streamed keynotes, panels, breakout sessions, interactive learning and digital "ask a key opinion leader" sessions.

The Conference Virtualization Plan involves three key components:

Conference Virtualization Kit

A suite of content, platform and services that enable a roll out of global, virtual-first, interactive, multi-day events utilizing streamed keynotes, panels, breakout sessions, interactive learning features and digital “ask a key opinion leader” sessions.

Revenue Protection Plan
For Societies

A multi-layered, compelling digital offering that leverages existing industry sponsorship budgets to offset societies' potential 7-figure revenue losses.

HCP Engagement Plan
For Industry Sponsors

A turn-key digital model for industry sponsors to extend reach to healthcare professionals globally and drive deep, measurable engagement with their latest clinical trials. 

The 3-Part Conference Virtualization Plan is available to any significant medical conference, society or association.

For more information about EvermedTV and the Conference Response Strategy, click on the button to schedule a call.

EvermedTV is a Licensed Provider of On-Demand Access from these Medical Associations


What is EvermedTV?

We are a digital conference platform. Think of us as a "Netflix of medical conferences." This 90sec video explains it all.

What's that?

All the content from large medical conferences (eg. ASCO, ACC, AAD, ISTH) aggregated in one place, easily accessible in a digital format, from anywhere in the world. Think cutting-edge video lectures, posters, slides. 

Why do I care?

As a pharma/biotech company, you can exclusively sponsor free access for HCPs and attract tens of thousands of HCPs to the conference that matters to you.

How does that help my business?

Glad you asked:) Three things:

  1. 1
    Reach tens of thousands of HCPs at a push of a button. 
  2. 2
    Engage them 365 days a year using trusted content.
  3. 3
    Make your clinical trials stand out (think product launches, indication launches, new clinical data read-outs...)

Plus you'll get all the analytics, power your multichannel strategies and as an added bonus, look great in front of management.

What's involved?

A lot! Here is a partial list:

  • Conference content that's already been licensed from the medical societies, properly tagged and organized 
  • State-of-the-art streaming technology, ensuring flawless live or on-demand viewing experience
  • Modern, beautiful design that looks great on any screen - desktop, tablet or mobile
  • Intuitive, easy to use platform, with fast and robust search capability
  • Advanced, Netflix-like recommender algorithm, enabling easy content discovery for HCPs
  • Custom multichannel campaigns employing the "next best action" technology
  • Custom invites for HCPs that can be detailed by sales reps or emailed
  • Post-conference webcasts in any local language globally, ensuring that local HCPs engage with your new clinical data and local (country) KOLs
  • Deep insights and analytics reports on a country, regional, global or even user level
  • Measurement of pre- and post-awareness of your newest clinical trial
  • Measurement of pre- and post-intention to prescribe your product
  • An account manager that takes care of all your needs

In other words, you get a turn-key solution so you can relax and watch the results come in.

What's needed from my side?

Timely communication with us so we can coordinate any efforts. Willingness to let us do what we do best. Budget.

What's in it for HCPs?

They get free access to the digital version of the latest medical conferences, on a beautiful, easy-to-use, Netflix-like platform.

Can we just do it ourselves?

Sure, but it would take 2-3 years to build the technology, produce the content, cost millions of $$$, and you'd be stressed throughout the process.

What medical conference licenses do you have so far?

Glad you asked. We have license partnerships with ASCO, ACC, ACP, ISTH, HFSA, ESO, ASNC, SHM, and AACC.

What can I expect during our first call?

Us listening to your needs, providing insights on how to better your multichannel efforts, and potentially show you a short demo.

Anything else I should know?

We care about the people we work with. We also love to work with ambitious yet humble clients who dream big and have trust in us to deliver.