Video Case Study: How ACC and Evermed Launched the "Netflix of Cardiology" in 90 Days

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  • [0:00-3:23] Before: The Problem
  • [3:23-6:44] After: Solution and Results 
  • [6:44-9:01] How We Did It: 4 Steps
  • [9:01-9:45] Potential Next Steps For Your Association

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ACC Leadership On the Future of HCP Education and Netflix-Style Engagement Powered by Evermed:

Cathy Gates

Chief Executive Officer

“The new standard is personalized, on-demand micro-learning, what you need when and where you need it, and in small enough chunks that it's easy to digest. We recognize the need for convenient, anywhere, anytime access to the latest clinical and scientific innovations.”

Joyce Donnellan

Division Vice President, Education

“With Evermed I immediately sensed that we had very similar visions. Most of the time when you meet with somebody, they don't really understand the end user, and you had a very strong understanding of the end user.”

Kristen Doermann

Digital Products

"When we saw the Evermed platform, the recommendation engine already existed. The user interface was kind of beyond where we were, so we felt like it was really a strategic move to abandon what we had started building and move over to something that already had a lot of features that we had visioned."

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