Launch Your Own Netflix-Like KOL Channel

Start Engaging HCPs in 30 - 90 Days Without Dealing with IT Headaches or Blown Budgets

“Evermed is a great vehicle for our market team to really engage HCPs on a day-to-day basis”

Chief Marketing and CX Officer
Big Pharma, US 

Evermed Is a White Label, Video/Audio On-Demand Platform for HCP Education and Engagement

Personalized, Netflix‑Like

AI-powered content recommender engine ensures that HCPs binge your content

HCP-Level Analytics

Get real-time access to analytics and insights on your HCPs' behavior

Go-Live in 30-90 Days

Instead of hiring developers and dealing with software bugs

100% Customizable

Your content hub will meet your HCPs’ needs and preserve your branding

Industry-Specific Integrations

Connect HCP behavioral data with your CRM, CDP, SSO and other systems


Plug and play, zero coding solution allows you to avoid frustrations and focus on HCP engagement

Secure and Compliant

Industry-specific, enterprise-level security that’s constantly updated

Country-Level Content Controls

Tailor content access for each region or country compliantly, while using local languages and subtitles

Unified Control Panel

Evermed admin panel allows you to manage content, users and analytics from one place, without any IT knowledge

Why Would You Need a Content Hub:

Pharma's Overall Access to HCPs Has Dropped by 57% 

HCPs Don’t Want Purely Promotional Messages

  • 62% of HCPs are overwhelmed by product promotional content pushed by pharma companies on various digital channels

Old Static HCP Portals Are Dead

  • Legacy User Interfaces
  • Non-Personalized
  • Built With General-Purpose CMS

Webinar Fatigue

  • Declining Registration Rates
  • Declining Show Up Rates

They Don't Want to Watch Youtube for Medical Education Purposes

  • Constant stream of ads interrupting the learning experience
  • Pharma's lack of control of the data, analytics and experience

Email Fatigue

  • Lower Open Rates
  • Lower Click Through Rates

What Is The Cost Of Not Being Able to Access or Engage HCPs?

  • Risk of Failed Launches
  • Risk of Losing Share of Voice From Competition
  • Inability to Build Trust with HCPs

Solution? Launch Your Own "NetflixTM for HCPs"

HCPs want pharma companies to provide them with disease-related, personalized, bite-sized video content...before they even decide to engage with reps

How To Launch Your Own Netflix™ For HCPs?

Time: 18-24 months

Cost: $2m

Risk: High

Time: 10x Faster

Cost: Up To 10x Less

Risk: None

Option #1: Build

Time: 18-24 months

Cost: $2m

Risk: High

Option #2: License

Time: 10x Faster

Cost: Up To 10x Less

Risk: None

Evermed Is The Only Industry Specific Solution, Giving You The Fastest Path To Launching Your Own Netflix™ Of HCP Education

Go Live in 30 – 90 Days

Licensing model enables you to configure the platform's features and branding to your needs, and be live in no time.

Significant Cost Savings

Evermed helps you avoid high capital expenditure costs to build and maintain the platform. With the licensing model, you can opt in and out at any time.

Minimal Effort Required

Our plug and play, zero coding solution allows you to avoid frustrations that come with building a platform.

Personalized, Netflix™-like
User Experience

AI-powered recommender engine learns HCPs’ viewing behavior and delivers right content at the right time.

Locally Tailored Delivery

Ability to tailor content access for each region or country compliantly, while using local languages and subtitles.

Centrally Managed, Unified Control Panel

Evermed admin panel allows you to manage content, users and analytics from one place, without any IT knowledge. Full control of HCP experience.

Seamless Data Integration

Evermed integrates HCP behavioral data with your existing data lakes and CRM systems, powering the next-best-action.

Digital Orchestration
for Reps and MSLs

Reps and MSLs can have access to HCP viewing analytics and reach out with targeted messages.

Secure and Compliant

Enterprise-level security that’s constantly updated, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of business critical data.

“Without Evermed we would have never launched our peer to peer platform for HCPs.”

Marketing Director

Big Pharma US

“Evermed is so much faster, much more seamless than any other solution. We partnered really quickly and efficiently and delivered in a very short time frame.”

Senior Manager

Bristol Myers Squibb Global

“We can now offer very tailored and rich user experiences to disseminate great research. Your platform brings the paradigm shift.”

Regional Oncology Marketing Lead


When To Use Netflix™-Like Strategy?

Product Launch

Use educational videos to establish unmet need and educate the market at scale

Protect Market Share

Use video to increase share of voice and strengthen positioning before competition launches

Digital Transformation

Build personalized Netflix™-Like content delivery capability for all your products and business

Quickly Launch Your Own, Netflix-like Video Hub With 50+ HCP Facing Features Covering Everything You Need

Netflix-Like User Experience

Intuitive, Easy-to-Use, Netflix™-Like User Experience, with Advanced Filters and Easy Navigation.

AI Powered Recommender

Create a unique experience for each HCP with our AI power Recommendation Engine built for HCPs specifically.

Powerful Search

Easily find content you want using our powerful, auto complete featuring search engine for all content types.

Social Content Sharing

Easy content sharing by users on most popular platforms.

Intelligent Re-engagement Email Engine

Re-engages users by sending relevant email notifications with personalized content recommendations.

Bookmarking Content

Save content you like to watch later in your own playlists anywhere anytime.

KOL Profiles

Watch content and playlists from leading experts in the industry complete with the option to follow those experts.

Content Localization

Ability to upload subtitles for each video in unlimited number of languages.

Custom Polls

Create custom polls for users to measure retention and impact of content consumption.

Asynchronous Q&A

Discuss the latest science with KOL experts and fellow HCPs compliantly.

Customize Content Preferences

Users can customize the type of content they are seeing, personalizing the platform to their interests.

Download Attachments

Each piece of content can have attachments as part of additional documentation. HCPs love this feature.

Mobile Optimized

The platform is web based, mobile optimized to look and perform great on any device anywhere in the world.

Constantly Evolving User Experience

We continuously test and upgrade the platform with latest insights from extensive HCP interviews and research.

Fast Customer Support

All users enjoy the benefit of quick and reliable customer support should something go wrong.

Multi-Language Support

Platform is available in multiple languages covering world’s major geographies.


Whether you have 100 or 10,000,000 users on your platform, it will perform just as fast.

Video Player in 4K

Broadcast videos in Full HD with our state of the art video player, built-in CDN and continue watching.

Audio Player in 320kbp

Utilize podcasts with our state of the art audio player including soundwave animation.

Contact Rep/MSL

Seamless integration to Rep/MSL contact directly from the platform, integrated into existing pharma workflow.

(custom) Knowledge Tests

Create custom knowledge tests with multiple questions.

(custom) iOS Native Apps

Native iOS app compatible with all iOS devices, both iPhones and iPads.

(custom) Android Native Apps

Native Android app compatible with all Android devices.

(custom) Request Samples

Users can request samples for a particular product they are interested in.

Robust Admin Platform Gives You a Full Control Of End User Experience

Custom Branding

The platform will be custom branded fully with your branding elements such as your logo, your color scheme and your copy.

Your Own Domain

Configure the platform on your own domain with your own settings.

Custom Content Classification

Ability to classify and tag content to fit your own nomenclature.

Easy Content Upload

Easily upload all your content in our beautiful, easy-to-use Admin panel.

Metadata Management

Manage all content metadata in one place to realize both SEO and Recommender benefits.

Set Featured Content

Mark most important content as “featured” to highlight it on the platform.

Curate Collections

Сreate Collections and content pathways for users to navigate. Fits your business objectives easily.

Manage KOL Profiles

Evermed enables you to maintain and curate KOLs’ profiles and the content linked to those KOLs.

Content Access Controls

Set access controls for each content piece by geographies.

Polls Management

Create polls, analyze results and understand awareness levels.

Unlimited Admin Users

Evermed provides the option to add as many admin users as you want to keep multiple team members involved.

Video Closed Captioning

Upload translations (closed captions) for any video in unlimited number of languages.

User Management & Easy GDPR

Easily perform routine user updates, manual password reset and deletion of user data as per GDPR.

Non Gated Preview

Let users preview content on your platform and funnel them into the registration process more easily.

Custom User Consent Forms

Ability to create custom user consent forms before users view any content on the platform.

Direct S3 Upload

Ability to upload multiple pieces of content at the same time, saving time and effort required to operate.

Video Transcoding Services

Evermed’s platform transcodes all content to make it available and optimized for all devices.

Raw Data Export

Ability to export raw data to integrate with your own NBA algorithms and integrated databases.

Drag & Drop User Interface

Operate the Content Management without the need to call IT or know any code.

Continuous Admin Support

Evermed team provides unlimited support to make sure you operate the platform seamlessly.

Dedicated Operations Manager

An option to have a dedicated Operations Manager who will operate the platform on your behalf.

User Feedback Gathering

Evermed team will conduct user interviews to determine optimal HCP experience for the platform.

Content Impact Insights

Video Impact analysis to understand whether the user has seen the most important parts of each video.

Multiple User Admin Levels

Separate user type for internal employees for better content management and analytics.

Enterprise Level Security And Analytics Give You Detailed Insights Into The Impact Of Your Platform

Detailed Behavioral Analytics

Real-Time KPIs Dashboard

View a live dashboard of KPIs tailored to your business needs based on the data the platform natively captures.

Content Consumption Report

See general data about content consumption within a few clicks.

Geography Engagement Report

See total and average engagement time and number of views per geography for your content.

Most Engaging Content Report

View most popular content with the total viewing time, number of views, and unique users who viewed them.

User Engagement Report

See user level statistics on content engagement and additional user level behavioral analytics.

Popular Interests Report

View what your trending interests are based on the total viewing duration for media of that interest.

Create Custom Reports

Ability to generate any type of custom report report that utilizes data within our data set.

Visualized Analytics

Take advantage of our data visualization graphs to make better sense of the data.

World Class Security

Secure Authentication

Set access controls for each content piece by geographies.

Data Encryption

Data encrypted at rest and during transfer.

Healthcare Compliant

Platform is healthcare and pharma compliant allowing for a more streamlined MLR review.

Access Controls

Robust access controls for multiple user level roles across the enterprise.

IP Restrictions

Content access control and restrictions based on IP whitelisting approach.

Dynamic Token Security

Continuous token refreshment for rechecking user access permissions.

System Monitoring

Constant monitoring by both automated and manual tests, checks and scans.

HTTPS Video Delivery

Ensuring only the intended recipient can access the data.


Single Sign On

SSO integration with existing ecosystem making user experience seamless.

Evermed API

Utilize Evermed API for raw data transfer into any workflow system.

Veeva Systems

Seamless Integrations with Veeva CRM, Veeva Vault and other Veeva products.

Adobe EM

Seamless Integrations with Adobe Experience Manager and other Adobe products.


Seamless Integrations with Tealium Customer Data Platform.

Enriched AI Recommender

Ability to integrate pharma client’s data into platform’s recommender engine.

Custom Integrations

Ability to create custom integrations to accommodate existing data workflows.

Platform Embed

Ability to embed out Netflix™-like platform into your own portal/hub environment.

We Make It Easy To Work With Us By Removing Key Operational Roadblocks.

Easy Migration from Legacy HCP Portals

Easily transfer content and data from your legacy portal to your new Netflix™-Like platform.

We Work Hand in Hand with Your Creative Agency

Evermed has significant experience working with creative agencies who develop content for seamless execution.

Fully Managed Service

Evermed has significant experience working with creative agencies who develop content for seamless execution.

China Content Delivery

Ability to launch the platform in mainland China without the use of VPN.

Develop Custom Features

Ability to develop features customized to each client to meet their unique business needs.

Grade AWS Infrastructure

Our platform is hosted on scalable and secure AWS infrastructure so you have complete peace of mind.

Flexible Pricing Structure

Annual Enterprise subscription model gives you flexibility to grow at your own pace without breaking the budget.

Technical Support Included

Never worry about technical support. We will handle all technical customer queries.

Easy Onboarding

Get up to speed on platform operation within 2 weeks with continuous support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can your Netflix™ for HCPs platform be used for both branded and unbranded content? Can it also be used for patient communication?

You can use our platform for both unbranded and branded video content, with or without the need to register/login. The platform can also be used by patients.

Can I change the design of the platform, use our own color, branding, look and feel?

Definitely, that’s one of the big benefits of licensing. You can design the platform based on your needs, and we have several modern layouts you can choose from, all tested with HCPs (so no need to spend 3-6 months doing user interface research).

How do HCPs hear about the platform?

You can use multiple channels to invite HCPs, such as email or rep invites (pharma-owned channels), paid media channels (like banners or search ads, with help of your media agency), and earned channels (like SEO).

How many HCPs do you have on the platform?

We don’t have HCPs on our platform. We license our platform to pharma and medtech companies, so that the platform effectively becomes theirs, and they can choose which doctors they want to invite.

Where does the video and audio content come from?

Our clients typically create quick wins by using their on-demand webinars, and then cutting them into 5-7 shorter content videos. In addition, they work with their agency of record to create a content strategy and then produce video and audio content.

How is your solution different from using CMS like Drupal, Magnolia or Adobe?

If you are using a CMS as a "shell" for your overall portal and static content, Evermed can simply be an embedded solution that powers your video content hub that is part of your portal. The two can work very well together and that's an optimal solution as part of your overall tech stack.

We do NOT recommend using CMS to try to build the "Netflix for HCPs", here is why - general purpose CMS still requires 12-18 months of building, coding and customizing, as well as a team of 20+ developers to execute. CMSs are not optimized for delivering video content at scale. In addition, those are back-end systems that require the building of a front end app, as well as an AI recommender. 

In contrast, Evermed is industry-specific, compliant, video optimized, with a pre-built AI-recommender as well as a tried and tested, Netflix™-like user interface, up and running in 30 days.

Can each country customize their own content?

Yes! Our platform is built to cater also to global and regional teams, allowing them to have ONE platform for all countries around the world, with different content level access in each country.

Can the content be shared?

Yes, through email and Twitter. We have both features.

What other pharma companies does Evermed work with?

We work with 8 out of the top 10 pharma companies. Logos of some of our clients are displayed at the top of this page.

Will doctors trust the platform built by pharma?

They will! What doctors want from pharma is less pushy, promotional content, and more educational content that is relevant to them. If that type of content is delivered by pharma, doctors are more than happy to learn about the new drugs. It’s really about being strategic about the content, earning trust and permission, instead of being pushy.

Discover How to Engage HCPs Using Your Own Netflix™-Like Content Hub

3-Step Guide to Engaging HCPs Using Netflix-Like Content Hubs