Eight reasons why online conferences benefit medical societies, pharma and healthcare professionals

In one of our previous articles we talked about the needs in the medical education/pharma/healthcare professional ecosystem:

Medical societies are one of the key drivers behind scientific progress in medicine. They want to extend the reach of their science and hence improve quality of care. At the same time, medical societies need revenue to fuel their growth, which is often done through memberships and annual meetings.

Healthcare professionals want to stay up to date by consuming credible and trusted content while being able to access that content from any screen, any time of the day, from work or home and in a personalized, easy to use manner.

Finally, pharma companies want to engage healthcare professionals so they can grab and hold their attention when it comes to the science behind their new products and indications.

That is exactly why EvermedTV offers distinct benefits to all three groups, making world class education universally accessible.

For medical societies, Evermed TV offers:

  • Increased reach of their science and brand
  • New revenue streams
  • Membership growth

For healthcare professionals, EvermedTV offers:

  • Free, convenient access to world-class medical education, helping them stay up-to-date
  • Easy to find and consume content, in ONE place, available on all four screens (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop)
  • Superior and beautiful online learning experience

For pharma companies Evermed TV offers:

  • Opportunity to engage with healthcare professionals in an ethical, non-promotional manner
  • Share the latest findings from their clinical trials in a transparent, permission-based manner

If you want to learn more about how EvermedTV works and what it can do for you specifically, contact us and we'll share more details on the model.