“Pharma Launch Secrets” What it is and How to Be a Guest on the Podcast

On our “Pharma Launch Secrets” podcasts we host honest, direct, actionable conversations with world-leading, pharma launch experts that help professionals stay up to date with launch trends and the latest strategies to help them launch their product successfully.

Each episode will be shared on every podcast platform, YouTube, and our existing network of over 28,000 pharma executives from around the world.

How to Apply

If you would like to apply to be on the show, please click on this link and you’ll be taken through a basic screening process to see if you match our criteria.

Once you have successfully filled in this form and been approved you will be sent an email invitation to select a time and date that works for you to record the interview.

“Pharma Launch Secrets” is booked on a first-come, first-recorded, and published basis, but if you have a launch on the horizon we will work with you to time the release of your episode as close to the launch as possible.

Please NOTE that we may decide to not publish an episode if we feel the flow of discussion will not support/benefit our audience.


Bozidar Jovicevic,

Host of Pharma Launch Secrets & CEO of Evermed

Frequently Asked Questions

Will both audio and video be recorded?

Yes. All interviews are done over Zoom or Riverside podcasting software (you will receive a link to join), and video is recorded to allow us to promote the episode in as many different ways as possible.

Can I record this from anywhere?

Yes, we recommend recording in a quiet room with a strong internet connection. We also recommend you wear headphones (not Airpods) and use the best possible microphone you have at your disposal.

How long will the interview be?

No more than 30 minutes. (We usually block 45 minutes to record one episode.)

Will the interview go out live?

No. If you don’t like an answer you’ve given during the process just let us know and we can always edit it out in post-production.

Will I see the questions in advance?

Yes. We want you to be able to talk about your area of expertise, and as such, you will have access to the theme of the episode and questions in advance so we can tailor them to your strengths.

Will I have final edit approval?

Yes. We will send you a copy of the episode before it is released. If there is anything you aren’t happy with you can email us and we will make the appropriate changes.

How can I help make my episode a success?

You will be sent assets for the episode including the full audio, full video, video snippets and preferred copy to be used when the episode goes live. We would encourage you to share all of those on your LinkedIn page, your company’s LinkedIn page, and any other social media platforms you have a strong presence on to maximize the episode’s impact.