"Evermed team, what’s the price?"

Evermed team, what's the price? Great question. 🙂 Before we answer, do you know what exactly you are buying?

What exactly am I buying? You are buying a turnkey revenue-generating digital product that not only engages your learners and keeps them happy year-round but also does it with little or no effort from your side.

How is that possible? We have a complete, 4-part solution that can help you launch and operate a personalized, all-in-one, Netflix-style content library in 60-90 days and meet the educational needs of today’s learners.

What are the four parts? What do you mean by a "complete" solution?

Most software companies provide you with software. We find that insufficient, especially if you want to easily turn your conference recordings into revenue and engagement.

The four parts are:

  1. Technology platform (a user-facing experience that will seamlessly integrate into your existing website, as well as easy-to-use admin experience)
  2. Engagement engine (binge-worthy, Netflix-style user interface combined with AI-powered weekly personalized content recommendations) that engages your learners year-round 
  3. Revenue engine (plug-n-play tried and tested campaigns your marketing team can easily deploy throughout the year)
  4. Content operations (we do all the heavy lifting for your clients - improve and shorten your content, create catchy thumbnails, optimize metadata to ensure quicker and easier content discovery for your users)

This means you don't need extra hires, deal with tech headaches, or figure out monetization tactics on your own.

I see. What will that help me achieve? Three things: 

  1. Your content will get watched year-round 
  2. Your learners will be satisfied with the experience 
  3. You’ll be able to monetize it

How will I be able to monetize it? In three ways: 

  1. Individual Subscription to an all-in-one content library (*for EU associations, it will be a new membership benefit, driving membership growth)
  2. Institutional Subscription (for physician groups, hospital systems, custom content packages for industry sponsors)
  3. Digital Industry Sponsorship (attract year-round industry sponsorship beyond a few days of your annual meeting

How much does it cost? Investment in Evermed pays off within the first 12 months. Some clients do even better; for example, our recent association client generated a 4:1 return on investment. That’s why, when it comes to pricing, we think of it in terms of investment, not a cost. 

I see. What’s the price then? We can’t give the exact price until we scope out the project (20+ questions) and are 100% sure that Evermed is the right solution for you. What we can do is provide you with the pricing structure. Fair enough?

Sure, what’s the pricing structure? There are two main parts: A one-time fee and an annual fee. 

#1: The one-time fee covers four deliverables that help you launch in 60-90 days:

  1. Content cleanup and migration 
  2. Design of user interface 
  3. Tech setup and configuration
  4. Marketing setup and playbook

#2: The annual fee covers software licensing and services needed to operate and continually enhance your new Netflix-style content library without hiring new FTEs or dealing with tech overwhelm. 

#2.1: On the software side, that includes hosting, streaming, access to 50+ features, personalization, a full engagement engine, CE credit tracking, admin panel access (with 20+ features), analytics, and reporting. It also includes continuous security, stability, integration, speed and performance maintenance and upgrades, and new features we release quarterly.

#2.2: On the service side, all of our tiers include user support (e.g., end-user forgets a password or has a question), admin support, content operations (content enhancement, metadata cleanup, optimization, programmatic thumbnails), and revenue acceleration support.

For an annual fee, you can choose between the three tiers depending on your desired level of functionality. 

Do all pricing tiers include unlimited users and unlimited content? Yes.

Are there any other hidden costs? No. What you see is what you get. 

Would you happen to offer a discount? Yes, we offer a 5% discount on a 2-year contract and 10% on a 3-year contract.

What if I need extra services, like help chopping our long videos into shorter ones? We offer several additional services that are entirely optional.

Can you help me with monetization? Yes, that’s one of our key areas of expertise. We help our clients create a high-converting webpage and a beautiful one-minute demo video, activate seven different marketing channels, position their offering for pharma/MedTech, and use our plug-and-play templates and playbooks.

What are my alternatives? There are two main alternatives:  

  1. Keep using an LMS. LMS software is not designed to get your content watched or help you monetize it. LMS is more of a “digital textbook,” a repository of content, and not a dynamic digital library. In addition, search functionality is often poor, and content is not personalized. 
  2. Try to build this on your own. We highly recommend against it, as building software is not a core capability for associations, and it will require an extremely high investment and may take years. 

Lastly, if you compare us to other options, we have this evaluation guide spreadsheet and a 3-minute video on how to use it.

How is Evermed different or unique? We are a turnkey, complete solution. That means we combine software (a unique, Netflix-style learning experience), services (support, implementation, engagement and revenue, content operations), and domain expertise under one roof. For you, this means peace of mind and no need to hire new FTEs. 

Do you have a revenue-sharing option? We are open to that discussion and have experience with such setups. They require the right match and we do it selectively.

OK, I am persuaded now. How can I get the exact price or a ballpark price? Let’s schedule a call to understand and scope your needs and provide you with the pricing options.

A Sneak Peek: What You'll Discover in this Video

📝 Learn about the unique value proposition of Evermed: A personalized, Netflix-like content hub for your doctors or patients.

💰 Uncover Evermed's transparent pricing structure: Learn how pricing is designed around your needs, not a one-size-fits-all model.

Understand the value of time savings with Evermed's quick setup: Discover the significant cost savings due to our efficient 30-90 day configuration period.

🌐 Discover the flexibility of our pricing model: Find out how it caters to various levels of operation from regional to global, with unlimited users and content per hub.

📈 Explore the three levels of functionality tailored to your budget and engagement needs: Launch, Engage, and Expert Levels.

🔒 Learn about optional services for comprehensive platform management: Understand the additional support available for backend content, analytics, and user management.