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  • Patient Engagement: The Impact of Video Content on Top 50 Pharma Brands’ Websites for Patients – An Analysis by Evermed

Patient Engagement: The Impact of Video Content on Top 50 Pharma Brands’ Websites for Patients – An Analysis by Evermed

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In our previous article, we found that pharma websites for healthcare professionals that have 11 or more video-enriched pages have 221% more engagement time compared to HCP websites without videos.

We wondered if the same was true for engagement on pharma websites for patients. We noticed that some pharma companies spend more resources, including Google Ads budgets, on their patient websites than on their healthcare professional websites.

In this article, we will explore ways to increase engagement on pharma websites for patients and share our findings from analyzing the top 50 pharma products' patient websites (based on 2028 consensus forecast).

Our hypothesis was that enriching brands’ patient websites with video content can increase average engagement time of pharma patients. 

Why video? Well, same as for HCPs, patients prefer to consume media content and make buying and choosing decisions based on that content.:

  1. More than 70% of US citizens are digital natives. They expect information to be delivered through personalized, frictionless experiences regardless of where they are 

  2. Convenience is a top priority for digital natives. 71% of millennials want the ability to schedule appointments, access medical records, and receive automated appointment reminders online or through an app.

  3. Pharma consumers use online channels to research and buy pharmaceutical products.

  4. According to Wyzowl statistics, 94% of people have said to have watched pharma explainer videos to learn more about a product. 84% purchased due to that.

In our recent study, we analyzed pharma’s websites for patients of the top 50 pharmaceutical products based on their projected revenues for 2028. Using tools like ScreamingFrog and SimilarWeb, we compared the number of videos, pages with videos, and engagement time on each brand's patient website. 

Our research has shown that there is a clear correlation between the number of video-based pages on a brand’s patient website and the average engagement time.

Incorporating more video-based content can significantly improve engagement on pharma’s websites for patients

Impact of videos on pharma patient websites engagement time

Pharma websites for patients without any videos or video-enriched pages receive an average of 39 seconds of engagement (this is the control group), and those with 1-4 video-enriched pages see an average of 60 seconds or a 196% increase. The greatest increase is seen on the websites with 5-10 video-enriched pages, with an average engagement time of 62 seconds, or a 160% increase compared to the control group. 

Number of video-enriched pages on brandhcp.com websites

Average engagement time, sec

Increase compared to the control group, %


39.0 sec



60.0 sec



62.0 sec



These results suggest that incorporating more video-based content can significantly improve engagement on patients on pharma websites.

The conclusion is clear: if you want to increase your patients' engagement time, add videos to your brand.com website. 

*Our analysis is based on 50 brand.com websites for patients of the brands expected to have the highest revenues in 2028, based on consensus forecasts. The number of videos was calculated using the popular video player signatures and engagement time was taken from SimilarWeb.

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